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Max Vernon - You Are

The first song I ever wrote on guitar. It's the only positive thing that came out of my experience of getting trashed and waking up, sprawled out on a bench in the Canarsie subway stop. Enjoy! you can hear more stuff on myspace. here are the lyrics: This cellphone isn't working can I get my money back? I need to hear your voice again to save my from the cul-de-sac I nearly up and died there, choking on my vomit What a horrible scenario but I always seem to do it Again and again never learn any lessons. The first thing that I saw when my eyes agreed to open Was a poster for the cancer walk with a picture of a short haired woman We are alike, both survivors of some type Too bad the work dyke was scribbled on her forehead I have to survive the kind of people that do that. And I can't remember what I did last night But there's peace in forgetting it. The only thing I'm remembering is the smell of your car Going in circles trying to find a place to get high Too high to let you drive- And I felt like a worn out cliché, but you made it okay to feel that way. You are the best thing that ever happened to me ever happened to me ever happened to me You know how much I hate it all but you tell me to think positive I positively think I get more hateful by the minute Cause I can't seem to cope with the world and the stupid people in it Why have compassion if no one believes in it I'm ashamed of my hate but too lazy to fight it. And half a year ago I thought I ...

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