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Videa Foot fetish - nohy, nožky, chodidla Merry Christmas ~~Spritefan2

Merry Christmas ~~Spritefan2

Song: Awh.. Something happened to the audio quality, its really bad now x__x Well Merry Christmas~ Wow, time flies, I can't believe the last ting I uploaded was 8 months ago. I'm so sorry :C Life has been chaotic, I'm getting old, doing college applications, football stuff (will prolly play college football), and of course, I'm busy with school. I felt bad posting this since it's only like 15 seconds of actual animation... But eh, I suppose it's better than nothing at all. Plus, I've become a quality freak recently. If ya 1080p and fullscreen that shit, you'll see dem pixels crystal clear~ Well, hopefully it's quality over quantity in this case D8 (It probably isn't) Dis is dedicated to, Elaina, Olivia, Minh, Nicko, Nado, Chris, you. Oh, also, Made with Flash and After Effects. This was done in flash: Rest was pretty much AE. I made it in around 5 hours.. while multitasking/talking to people on msn and stuff.

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