Video - MonkeyandApple's Guide to Picking Up Women

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MonkeyandApple's Guide to Picking Up Women

A surefire instructional guide to impressing the ladies. Follow me on Twitter: Become a fan on Facebook: *This is short and silly so don't expect much. (That's also how I like to describe my penis, ZING!) These are leftover bits from another video I have yet to finish editing that I decided to put to good use. You'll see the original vid sometime in the near future. Next month I'll hopefully have something more substantial done for you guys. Also one of the segments I noticed is a little close to a relatively recent Louis CK bit so before anyone chews my ass for that specifically I shot this quite awhile ago, before I saw him do it. Also if you're complaining about that the whole thing is fucking derivative, I told you not to expect much.

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