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"MOONSMILERS" - Bloody Hammer Films

Support our new feature film, HONKY HOLOCAUST, by donating $1.00 to our kickstarter account! The short independent exploitative HORROR FILM from Bloody Hammer Films! A small town, lying docile in the shadows of a large, overcrowded insane asylum. A new miracle psychiatric drug, Kinestat, administered to all the patients. Only one problem: they never tested Kinestat during a lunar eclipse. Soon the small town is swarming with bloodthirsty mental patients, leaving the unsuspecting townspeople to band together and fend for themselves amid the bloody mayhem. MOONSMILERS. Starring: Constantine Taylor, Holly Schaff, Matt Rouillard, Jim Baglini, Lucas Fleming, Joanne O'Kennedy, Je-Kori Salmon, Nicholas Viau, Suja Ono, Sir David Lyko, Patti McCully, Sam Nevin, Quang Milligan, Paul M McAlarney Produced by Nick Norrman Written by Bill Freas Directed by Paul M McAlarney Director of Photography Nick Norrman Lighting: Mike Collari Audio: Suja Ono

snuff, moonsmilers, grindhouse, exploitation, zombie, troma, gore, violence, drug, psycho, mental, patient, hospital, bondage, drunk, fight, savage, horror, blood, guts, gross, shock, cannibal, murder, homocide, suicide, torture, puke, vomit, disturb, dum


Délka: 19 minut : 17 sekund
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