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Morpheus ~ Imposicion De Manos

Title: Imposicion de manos Artist: Morpheus Album: Rebis *** *** *** Dark ambient-ritual-experimental project from Spain, influenced by David Lynch / Angelo Badalamenti, Ordo Equilibrio, Andrew Liles, Current 93, Coil... Ritual-industrial-dark-ambient with a melancholic-jazzy feel, based on bondage, dualism, sex magick and alchemy. The artwork consists of 23 fetish tarot cards made exclusively with traditional darkroom photographic techniques. The album and its artwork are published under the BY-NC-SA 2.5 Creative Commons license and are freely downloadable from Jamendo (for Bitorrent or eMule clients) or from The Internet Archive (direct web download of full album & artwork or individual high quality mp3 tracks). Please check out for full info on this release and previous albums by Morpheus and Chaos Condensed (side project), photography, news and personal blog. *** *** ***

Morpheus, imposiciondemanos, Magick, Ritual


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