Video - MSTRKRFT "Paris" Unofficial Music Video

Videa Foot fetish - nohy, nožky, chodidla MSTRKRFT "Paris" Unofficial Music Video

MSTRKRFT "Paris" Unofficial Music Video

Apart from being an artist I'm also a human being just like anyone else that suffers with bored bouts. Last night particularly! So... I was sick of the gym...and decided to put my cardio into something I could have fun doing. I'm really not one who enjoys being on any machine longer than 30 minutes. Lately I've been listening to MSTRKRFT'S album "The Looks" So...Half a bottle of wine, 2 hours later with 10 socks and blisters from dancing ten 6-minute takes on hard cemented ground I created this video in Apple's I-movie. Please mind my fat legs but I'm having too much fun to even care!

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