Video - Nine ladies raincoats worn at once!

Videa PVC Pláštěnky Nine ladies raincoats worn at once!

Nine ladies raincoats worn at once!

This is the LONGEST video ever done by Mr. Entertainer Productions. In this video, I put on ALL of the ladies raincoats I've accumulated over the years from Goodwill stores and places in Chicago. At no time will the webcam NOT cut away as I am putting the coats on. I will be narrating and describing the coats. The coats are all PVC or similar they're NOT breathable and get rather warm in them! The night of the taping it's about 60 degrees outside...IN JANUARY in NORTHERN INDIANA! Over 1000 views in 34 days! (I can't believe you people watch this crap![just kidding!]) Warning:No profanity or cussing in the comments or they WILL BE REMOVED!

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