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No More Reproach

In this message, Rev. Kent A. Jacob, exhorts us to break from from the condemning shackles of the past. We are no longer Judged by the past. "I shall roll away the reproach," is what God told Joshua (Josh.5:9). In order for us to have the victory, and enter into the promises of God, we have to change our mindset. The children of Israel could not enter the promise land with the minds of Egypt. God had to allow the entire generation that was delivered from the bondage of the Egyptians to die in the wilderness and have a new generation, with a new way of thinking, who was not influenced by the memories of the past, to enter into the Promise Land. Paul also admonishes us to do ONE thing "Forget the things that are behind, and reach forth to the things that are before, PRESS toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus" Phil. 3:13-14. Coming people let's press pass the reproach of the the past.

reproach, Rev. Kent A. Jacob, Philippians 3:13, no more reproach, Joshua 5:9, Josh. 5:9


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