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One Hundred K - The Trailer

Script by Steve Gibbs With Steve Gibbs, Rebecca Black and Chris Adams. Produced and directed by Red Creative Media One hundred thousand pounds to some people is a life changing amount, to others it's a new car, and to some it can be the difference between life and death. When three people from completely different walks of life come together, they all need the money for a different reason. Charlie is a man who only knows the life of ...a gangster and working his way up through organised crime. This time he needs the money to stop the organisation he works for taking him out. Linda is a young woman who at an early age is taught the harsh realities of life when the banks' take her dad's business away. Learning this lesson at a young age makes her hard. Using her looks to get what she wants she takes on the life of a masseuse. She develops a way of getting everything from her clients without giving anything in return, but in the process she has upset some very influential people. The money will enable her to help her family and let her start a new life, but this time she's going to have to work for it. Don, a crooked city banker, who has never wanted for anything in his life, and through dodgy dealings and insider trading and stepping on others, has crept his way up the success ladder. He likes to boast to his posh friends of his connections with the underworld. Finding himself broke for the first time he is given an ultimatum. Will he take someone ...

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