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Pandora's Toybox - "Slaves to the Sleigh"

Morte and Morgue-Anne do some last minute Xmas shopping for their buddies in the Grim Pills band. Directed by Chris Addams. Business, business, all life short We work to provide for the ones we failed to abort Happiness? Adults know nothing of the sort Yet we allow brats to cavort. Oh, poor little grown-ups, hung by a thread On a hotel ceiling, or awake with the dead The carefree kids celebrate instead And dance their way to oblivion's bed... The children shape effigies in the snow And speak of a future that they'll never know Ebullient eyes, bright and unafraid Will despair when the snowmen are melting away... Melting away... Melting away to their dismay... Sickness, sickness, trouble and pox Sylvan midgets in storm-worn workshops Crimson hue on the toys in the box And edible coins from a fat man's socks. Oh, come heavy winter, come to a crawl Pretend it's fun when the snowflakes fall The fireplace fades to a simmering pall And the little ones learn to manipulate dolls. The children spread their wings in the snow Stormstruck cherubs on wings of sorrow Mittens shape frost like lumps of clay That will scorch in the sun and fall to decay Fall to decay... Fall to decay and fade to gray... Xmas lights are the bondage cords Gift wrapped dollies for the gibbering hordes Plastic dreams for the lost and ignored All slaves to the sleigh, come climb aboard! It's Xmas time in the circus for the living Nobody has the time for love or forgiving A smile on the face for the same old ...

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