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Pepa y Silvia - How to Touch a Girl

These two lovely ladies are from the Spanish show: Los Hombres De Paco, which you can watch on youtube. All of these clips are from 4x10 onward (they aired in 2008 and I believe season 5 will be starting in January 2009). In my opinion, they the cutest tv lesbian couple ever(and believe me I have seen ALOT of lesbian tv shows and movie). Btw here's summary of their story: Silvia is the redhead and she's a forensic expert that works in her dad's police department. The show is a comedy/drama that mainly revolves around this police department. Pepa is the gorgeous tall brunette (who happens to be a model in real life!). Pepa is a cop that shows up in season four. She's an out lesbian who apparently made out with Silvia when they were both 18 and they were "drunk", it caused an uproar in their families who know each other, but anyway they hadn't seen each other since. Then Pepa shows up without silvia knowing and of course they fall for each other.

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