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Planet Diva

If you like the trailer, PLEASE consider helping us fund the feature film, "PLANET DIVA." THANK YOU!! Indie Go Go link: PLANET DIVA - Grindhouse film, shot on super 8, with a mid 80's feel. This is not a faux trailer. camera: Nizo 800. Film stock: 100 D ektachrome. Presently, I have the trailer, four short documentaries, and a 31 minute-long film, which will act as a treatment to (hopefully) raise funds for the feature length version of Planet Diva. My inclination is usually to avoid trendy expression, as I feel it often lacks artistic merit. By default, though, it seems Planet Diva could be considered along the lines of a typically trendy 70's-80's grindhouse/exploitation film. I was not aiming for this...I was just doing my thing. Still, by definition Planet Diva meets the criteria for grindhouse in several ways: 1. bizarre subject matter and broad overstatements, such as extensive rubber hose beating, boot licking and ridiculous props. 2. the low budget/poor print feel...actually shot in reel film. (Not all grindhouse remakes can make that claim). I also used lots of fast zooming, which is typical in the 1970's kung -fu films. 3. 1980's feel, thanks to the antique vehicles, some 80's punk - heavy metal hairstyles, and some of the outfits. 4. some over acting. Many will feel this was done on purpose...let them! Planet Diva missed the mark of grinhouse gore, however, as well as probably not being so lurid as to be rated R... Definitions Exploitation film is a type ...

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