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Videa Latex clothing - latexové oblečení "Platform to Platform"

"Platform to Platform"

Video Information. Video Title: "Platform to Platform". Stiletto Brand: Fiore. Stiletto Heel Height: 5.25 Inches. Material: Faux Leather. Size: UK 4. Country of Origin: China. Date Recorded: Thursday 19th August 2010. Duration: 6 Minutes 35 Seconds. The Thank You's. Thank you to everyone for the reaction to "The Stage is Set" superb. Story Behind "Platform to Platform." This video was shot whilst visiting Cromer in Norfolk. We went to visit our friends in Ludden. Scene One, The video starts of in a shop in Cromer then a short walk to the Cromer railway station platform where we wait for the train to Wroxham. Scene Two, This scene is shot on Wroxham station platform coming home in the evening after having a superb day around our friends. Scene Three, We are walking back from the station for a night of drink and fun. Stiletto and Clothing Information for This Video: In this video I am wearing my faithful glossy embossed black leggings these will be taking a rest for a while before I wear them out completely. The gladiator ankle boots are made by Fiore and have a 5.25 inch stiletto heel. They are faux leather with studs and have a black patent heel. They look very affective and I received some lovely comments about them which is always really nice from other females. See you all again 15th October until then best wishes and take care, Don't forget to check out my Flickr channel also. Love, Debbie XXXXXX

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