Video - Production Postcard - Funeral Home Entertainment (original Raw)

Videa Spanking - bičování Production Postcard - Funeral Home Entertainment (original Raw)

Production Postcard - Funeral Home Entertainment (original Raw)

first cut of my "production postcard" for ye ole Rewind Video group. Warning: a shot of eyeball surgery near the end. the idea was to represent your indie movie production company in a very short commercial. show who the major players are, and where you're located. And hint at the style of video you seek to make. here we see a smattering of things I shot on old sony dv08 camera. wee. shot details: *that's me with a box cutter, wearing my dad's old trusy work glove (which i used to handle hot lights). The idea was that I was cutting the line that formed the main logo. I'd always planned to have this logo formed in various gross ways. * we see the fairly fresh staples in my scalp after my huge car accident in LA. * looking up in an elevator at OHSU, going to visit Kshawn during his major surgery (not sure what's in top half. maybe my shared bathroom in LA?). * me sleeping on a couch with latex gloves on during on visit to kshawn's OHSU surgery adventure. * Jonason out behind the KBVRtv station one night. * a tape ball decoration in the midst of a club (when helping alan shoot the club dance scene for Perfection Isn't Easy ...?) *stairs and a mirror in Erin's Grandmother's creepy old house. * the outside of a house on 2nd street where we shot Gauntlet 216 *mountain and stream shots from a summer vacation with an old girlfriend's family in California. * breaking large sheets of glass in the dumpster behind a glass shop around midnight (i just drove. trying to get sound fx for ...

eyeball, surgery, bondage, spank, river, water, bug, corvallis, Oregon, Jonason, Ho, Warren, Blyth, dance, club


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