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Pushing Daisies Plastic Fetish Fans Video.m4v

Pushing Daisies- I'm Yours Loading... A video I made to Jason Mraz's song I'm Yours. I made it to show a glimpse of Ned and Chucks domestic lives. This video was produced as a Disclaimer for the Entertainment of the many Pushing Daisies Plastic Fetish or Breath Play Fans. Rated_(PG)_Parental_Guidance_is_Advised. Hope you enjoy. I produced this (youtube_video) as a needed (PG) teenager plastic fetish and in general breath play be careful, movie, tv & computer disclaimer. I don't own the rights to Pushing Daisies, that's Warner Brothers and ABC CLICK_HULU.COM_ URL FOR_MORE_PUSHING_DAISIES pushing-daisies plastic-bag plastic-fashion body-bag asphyxia suffocate smother breath-play pvc csi forensic

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