Videa Gasmask - plynové masky pYLON pIRATES


a Group of pylon resistance fighters become corrupted by the hum of the wires - Might be a bit regional, but in the Waikato, new zealand a power company wanted to put pylons accross farmlands and houses, there was a lot of resistance to the idea- excuse the pun- including threats of armed retail-iation "get off my land!" he says waving a shotgun-you know the type of thing- this film is taking the idea further and the pylon-badder-meinhoff terrorist group threaten to take the power into their own hands- of course all power corrupts and the hum of the pylon proves to be very seductive.

pylon, protest, electrical, magick, hypnotic, wire, transmision, radio, telepathic, psychic, mind, gasmask, bullet, spikey, fluffy, power, terrorist, chique, chich, freedom, fighters, spanish, anarchists, bolt, cutters, desires, powerline, fetish


Délka: 4 minut : 50 sekund
Autor: snakebeings
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