Video - REAL Bettie Page TV Interview - Her Life In Her OWN Words

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REAL Bettie Page TV Interview - Her Life In Her OWN Words

Entertainment reporter Tim Estiloz chatted face-to-face with the REAL Bettie Page in this exclusive "one on one" 1996 TV Interview. In this rare recorded interview -The REAL Bettie Page herself candidly recounts in-depth and with humor, multiple anecdotes about her life and modeling career. This story has not been seen publicly since it's initial and only 1996 broadcast. Estiloz had the exclusive opportunity to meet with the reclusive Bettie Page... during a unique and brief situation where she was assisting to promote her authorized biography "Bettie Page: The Life of a Pin Up Legend" at the time of publication. In her 70's at the time - Bettie was lively and in good health... and Estiloz says "a joy" to talk to - and an unforgettable moment for him. Bettie's current business rep... who meets and talks with Bettie Page regularly - confirms this 1996 TV interview is most likely the FIRST and ONLY lengthy "in depth" TV interview she ever gave. This story is an extremely rare tribute to the beautiful, iconic Bettie Page - and a gift to fans who only know her through her photos. Now - fans can hear Bettie Page speak in her own words... bringing her soothing and vibrant Southern accented voice and personality to life. This story was written and produced by entertainment reporter, Tim Estiloz ... and Tim considers himslef very blessed to have gained Bettie's trust for this rare opportunity. God Bless you Bettie. ALL photographs and images in this story came from the ...

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