Video - Redman vs. Method Man - Part 1 of 2 -

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Redman vs. Method Man - Part 1 of 2 -

In DJ One 1X TyMe's [ @djonetyme ] internet reality based episode, Redman gives an agenda of less than a year for production to start on a new How High 2 movie and Blackout 2 album with Method Man. He explains his disappointment at the production company's development of the rap duos 2004 'Method & Red' television show. But the shining moment is his explanation his new open toed shoe for women, based on his famous foot fetish! Method Man entices the crowd running through hits like 'METHOD MAN', 'You're All I Need', and 'The Blackout'. All while fearlessly demonstrating a crowd walking technique that is rarely seen, taking crowd surfing to a another level! Method Man aka Johnny Blaze, also candidly gives his feelings about the music industry critics that have said that he's gone Hollywood, as well as the true meaning of hip hop vs. rap music. The Wu-Tang official holds pulls no punches on his feelings about the way Diddy handled the Notorious BIG's 'Duets' album. - Book your favorite Ohio DJ for your event or wedding reception at or hire him as voice talent for DJ Drops & Radio Voice Imaging at http

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