Video - Rockstars + Heretics + Catalysts

Videa Gasmask - plynové masky Rockstars + Heretics + Catalysts

Rockstars + Heretics + Catalysts

Opening night performance by notorious Sydney alt fetish photographer, Mastertouch with Sydney model, Meluxine at Abode Gallery in Melbourne for his Debut Solo Exhibition - Rockstars + Heretics and Catalysts, Friday 13 Aug 2010. In front of a small, intimate crowd, Mastertouch delivers a blisteringly intense live photoshoot performance with long time muse Meluxine to a soundtrack of Nine Inch Nails, Closer.

Rockstars, Heretics, Catalysts, Mastertouch, Meluxine, photoshoot, performance, latex, fetish, gas, mask, Abode, Gallery, NIN, Nine, Inch, Nails, Closer, remix


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