Video - Rose Pedal Pumping/Driving Barefoot First Time

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Rose Pedal Pumping/Driving Barefoot First Time

First video of me driving barefoot for a friend and you viewers...some more teasers to come of what I can do with my sweet size 7 feet...and believe me I am a lead foot...I wanted to floor it so bad you have no idea...maybe next time hehe :D! But anyways I am love driving barefoot and going fast...really fast. This is my first video and I am new to this some what. I am willing to do custom pedal pumping clips and or foot fetish related clips...friend of mine is going to help me with this since I am new to all this. Please excuse us for talking in the car so much we were only trying to make a conversation. (Note in your custom clip to or pics I am willing to do there will be chit chatting just pure pedal to the metal etc.) So like comment rate and subscribe and if your interested in customs they are $20.00 for a 5-10 minute clip or 30 pictures for $20...hope you enjoy :D Please note this is my first video next one will have more angles revving flooring etc.

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