Video - Saints Row 3: The Wrath of Gimps

Videa BDSM Saints Row 3: The Wrath of Gimps

Saints Row 3: The Wrath of Gimps

*Minor spoilers about 15% into the game* Oats and Criken are at it again with their silly antics and embarrassing situational funnies. In this episode we raid a BDSM club, get raped by zombies, screw over some french guy, ride strippers off buildings, and chase each other down with cat suits and helicopters. Saints Row the Third is a gem of a game for friends to mess about in and does a great job of staying creative without taking itself too seriously. So many good games coming out this November, its got me exhausted. Enjoy~ ps Oats claims he lost his voice during this video, that might explain some things.

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