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Say Anything - Property

Say Anything - Property New song off upcoming album in November 2009. --------------------------------------------------------------- [Lyrics] Don't you go leaving Baby I'll find you Tell all your secrets No one will want you It's for your own good I know what's best for you If you won't sleep with me There'll be no rest for you Until the day you're broke Until you drop and choke I'll be your man, this much I know. Until the empire falls Until you think at all Chorus: You gave your love to me, and now you are my property. You sold your soul You can't retrieve the love I stole from you, it's true, Deny with everything you do. You're my property You're my property Sell you into bondage, Baby I own you. You'll entertain all my friends dressed in the latest trendy frocks! You better tattoo that I am your patriarch. It's your ambition Soon you will feel the dark Cause I lurk in your bed Until the day you see that you mean to me Until the day I find Someone to fall in line Without a single sin without an opinion Chorus (spoken:) Baby, I know you've got all those crazy, lofty goals: Going to art school, following your dreams and whatnot, blah blah blah. Just throw it to the side. You know I can support us all on my own, an worst-case: I'll just have to sell some drugs to my little brothers friends. If you do have to sell your body once or twice, or seven times... It'll be worth it. And trust me, one day my band is gonna make it, and this'll all be just a distant, distant dream ...

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