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Shit Queer Grrrls Say

inspired by the "shit girls say" series written & performed by trashydyke music by sleater-kinney because the only "Shit Girls Say" remotely related to queer ladies was a bit...outdated. also as with everything else in the "shit girls say" phenomenon this is a PARODY of things i hear a lot in the queer community - some of them good, some of them narrow-minded, some of them really silly. sometimes i get really fed up with this particular brand of queer culture and this video is a way of pointing out all the different forms of misogyny and transphobia, biphobia, etc that still end up appearing in these kind of queer conversations and lifestyles. *just a note on the title: it's "queer grrrls" as opposed to "queer" because it's leaning more towards a female-identified experience and i didn't want to co-op or appropriate any experiences that aren't mine (because i'm female-identified and queer-identified) but there are definitely things in here that are pretty widely applicable to the queer community...and being a big ol' dyke

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