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Six Feet Under: Main Title Theme by Thomas Newman SIX FEET UNDER (Producer Alan Ball, HBO USA, TV series 2001-2005.Won 3 Golden Globes. Another 43 wins & 117 nominations). Excellent, one of the best shows I've ever seen. A drama series that takes a darkly comical look at members of a dysfunctional Pasadena family that runs an independent funeral home. With the prodigal elder son (Peter Krause) returning home for the holidays to shattering news, the family must learn to deal with a death of their own, while figuring out how to go ahead with the business of the living. A funny and emotional look at a grieving American family...that just happens to be in the grief management business. Starring: Peter Krause (Nate Fisher), Michael C. Hall (David Fisher), Frances Conroy (Ruth Fisher), Lauren Ambrose (Claire Fisher), Mathew St. Patrick (Keith Charles), Freddy Rodríguez (Federico 'Rico' Diaz), Rachel Griffiths (Brenda Chenowith), Jeremy Sisto (Billy Chenowith), James Cromwell (George Sibley). Taglines: Every Day Above Ground Is A Good One. Life is wasted on the living. How`s Life? How's Death?. Your whole life is leading up to this... Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends. Main title theme by Thomas Newman. Music by Richard Marvin.

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