Video - SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Flesh on Flesh" (Axis 89)

Videa Bondage - svazování SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Flesh on Flesh" (Axis 89)

SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Flesh on Flesh" (Axis 89)

Filmed by DAN WALKER...Recorded Live @ AXIS-Boston 10/25/89 Featuring JOHN ZEWIZZ, JONATHAN BRILEY, EUGENE DIFRANCISCO, & ARTHUR PW...Sound by HARRY WALLACE....for upcomming SLEEPCHAMBER "PRICE GUIDE" providing complete photos & Discographies ov their music & the going value for each release-(Mint Condition Only)..also expected is a complete SLEEPCHAMBER FAMILY TREE...and much more surprises ! see The VIMEO Video Network {SLEEPCHAMBER VIDEO DEN} for unedited and nude VIDEO for adults only. See SLEEPCHAMBER as it was made to be seen.MEMBERSHIP LIMITED-(non subscribers will not be able to VIEW certain videos !)..JOIN....THE JOHN ZEWIZZ SOCIETY to have your foot in-the-door to whats really happening with them..ticket discounts,FREE Shit,Sales,Lyrics,New & Old photos,Magick,Individuality,Sexuality,and the official ULTIMATE MINORITY !!


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