Video - SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Oral Maze" (official video)

Videa Bondage - svazování SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Oral Maze" (official video)

SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Oral Maze" (official video)

Video by JIMMY MILLER. From the Release SUBMIT TO DESIRE vinyl LP, VHS & CD. Rekorded at NEWBURY SOUND-Boston 1985. Produced by JUDY TIMPA. (band) JOHN ZEWIZZ, RICHARD GELLER, & DARLINE VICTOR...see SLEEPCHAMBER.INFO..or..THE JOHN ZEWIZZ SOCIETY...Google: MAGICKMUSICK23..."official" Vimeo video network { SLEEP CHAMBER VIDEO DEN } for the serious SLEEPER..."SUBSCRIBE"...some videos only accessable to subscribers....join THE ULTIMATE MINORITY today..!


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