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Video Inspired on: "Sub Plans" by: SnowWhiteHearts Story Summary: Bella is a math teacher by day, a strict Domme by night. Edward is a sub looking for someone to punish him for his misdeeds. Probably the only BDSM comedy you will ever read. Probably the only vamp-subward you'll ever meet. _____________________________________________________________ Song: Teeth by: Lady Gaga WARNING: this video may or may not be suitable for minors. Anyway, "Sub Plans", the fanfiction on wich is based, definitely not. DISCLAIMER: I CLAIM NO OWNERSHIP. EVERYTHING IN THIS VIDEO IS NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. All the rights, clips and song belong to the owners. This video is purely fanmade just for entertainment purposes. _____________________________________________________________ PLEASE BE NICE THIS IS MY FIRST ANIMATED VIDEO!! THAT IS ALL!!

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