Video - Sweaty Feet and Socks (Black no-show, day 1)

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Sweaty Feet and Socks (Black no-show, day 1)

I know it's been a while since I've uploaded - I've been really busy. It was 91 degrees out today, and my feet were almost soaked. It was a looong day! Enjoy! :) Also, I have a request for you guys! If it gets done, I have a special surprise for you guys - either any of your requests (that are possible for me. I will not show my face due to safety & privacy reasons) or a video of self pleasuring. (The shot will be of my slightly below my thighs - so calves and feet. Here it is: Write a story about you tickling my sweaty feet, fresh out of shoes sockless/with socks! (that's when they're most ticklish - especially when socks don't have a lot of wear. I have a HUGE tickle fetish along with my foot fetish. It's a submissive tickle fetish, so I like to be the ticklee) Things I'd really love to see, but are totally optional: - Make it where I don't like the tickling. Possible scenarios (these are just examples - feel free to have any of your own!): Interrogation, punishment, lost bet, trying to force me to worship your sweaty feet, my feet are stuck - Have me smell/worship your sweaty feet (I'd really like this included. Preferably forced to - like I have a foot phobia) - If you're going with you forcing me to smell your sweaty feet, I'd like to hear what you think your feet smell like! - I'd love to hear what you think my feet smell like, so feel free to include that too!

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