Video - Teachings of Lord Dattatreya - Avadhut Gita - VII

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Teachings of Lord Dattatreya - Avadhut Gita - VII Baba Rampuri discusses the ancient teachings of Lord Dattatreya, referencing some European Hermetic parallels, as well as to Kashmiri Shaivism, and translates a significant passage from the Avadhut Gita. With one's mortal gurus and guru-bhais as witnesses, one calls on Lord Dattatreya for teachings. And He comes and sings His song through the mouths of His yogis and other devotees. His words, on the surface, in translation, tickle us with their irony and iconoclasm. I am not a guru, I give no rite I have no work to which I'm tied. My true nature unembodied and clear is like the starry hemisphere. All this is on the surface is meant to be attractive and entertaining. It is very translatable and makes for interesting listening or reading. The translation appeals to our rational thinking, it makes good sense and is articulate in English and other languages, which has little to do with how it may sound in Sanskrit. For in Sanskrit, in the bursting out in song that lives beneath the voices of its singers, in its hypnotic meter and rhyme, in the nuances and duplicities of words and sounds and their meanings that could never be anything but what they are, portals open up again. He sings through us jnanamrtam samarasam gaganopamoham We sing it forty times. Do you think he's trying to make a point? It is Guru Dattatreya's refrain, punctuating all of Alice's rabbit holes; a line that has never left me alone since the moment I first heard it. It echoed through my head ...


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