Video - Teen Feet 2...Too...Two...;)

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Teen Feet 2...Too...Two...;)

By request, another foot video...I don't really get it, but I'll take requests on occasion for the foot stuff, I get a KICK outta people digging it (get it?..."KICK"...;) Anyone willing to explain to me what foot fetishes are all about, I'm all ears...please comment below. What the "foot" do I know. I'm trying to "step up" and understand it. Most guys want to see the usual body stuff, but some guys (and girls) seem hardcore on feet. LOL! I love shoes shopping, so I'll work on getting more "FOOTAGE"... (I just can't resist). ;p Purse dumping video pending soon. My friend insisted I dump the contents of my purse out randomly and explain the items, so I did.

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