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Ten Little Toes

Haha this was just an old memory from a barney episode that i have. I remember having this on tape and watching it over and over again. The start of my foot fetish :) to this day i love it and love the song aswell. Love the tickles aswell :) and no im not a pervert. I liked this at a time when i was younger than the child who's getting their toes counted. I do not think of it sexually, I just think of it as cute... Its still my favourite thing to do with feet to this day, taking off someones shoes and socks and propping there rather sweaty feet up on a table and play with their toes and tickle them :) and wouldnt mind having that done to me either... Even if you not into girls feet or not into child's feet then don't watch it for that reason. Just have a fun time listening to the song and watching the cute actions that go along with it :) New video is coming. Promise :)

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