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The FlashMask

A heavily modified, sound activated, Ultraviolet LED lit gas mask with tinted lenses, enhanced ease of breathing and added provisions for comfort. This is the prototype. These will be available in a variety of colors from white to million color, respirator styles (israeli civilian, czech, MSA Riot, respirator, etc) and lighting functions (pulse, steady, sound controlled, strobe, flash). It's battery operated and the LED's are waterproof and last forever. This is not some cheap fetishwear $10 respirator with two chinese chip LED's in it. These are made to last and modified so that you can actually breathe comfortably while dancing, performing, chasing sasquatch or fucking in them! Check back within the next few months and contact me if you'd like a quote.

rave, club, gas mask, respirator, UV, LED, cathodes, fetish, bdsm


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