Video - The Intensifier Part 2

Videa Gasmask - plynové masky The Intensifier Part 2

The Intensifier Part 2

Part two of the session involving 7 layers in 2 hours. In this part, after about an hour of being inside a latex mask, a heavy rubber laced up and locked hood with pepper hole eyes, and a heavy rubber front covering hood that blinds me totally - so I cant see what the hell I'm doing folks, I reach for my trusted gasmask. Hey sometimes having just a small hole to breathe through is too much! At first I attached a filter to the air intake valve which reduced the amount of air down too much but nice for a quick aphyixiation so shortly after I settled down to enjoying the mask without the filter. Stay tuned now for Part 3 - three more layers yet to come!

breathplay, gasmask, asphyixiation, rubber, latex, fetish, catasta, hood, mask


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