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The Seduction of Widow McEwan

Part of the Leather and Lace series Jameson McEwan is widowed, but happy with her lot in life. After suffering through an arranged marriage to an older man, she's had little romance and very little experience with men—other than ordering them around on her ranch. Seth Conner has harbored a bit of an obsession for Jamie since the tender age of sixteen. Now that she's widowed, he has sensed her reluctance to wed again and has kept his distance. When she says she's marrying another man—strictly as a business arrangement—Seth decides he's waited long enough. Jamie never expected to find herself in bed shivering with desire, especially not with Seth. One taste of a night filled with passion, and she finds he's as addictive as liquor. But their age difference and her responsibilities hold her back from considering a future with him. Seth refuses to take no for an answer. As the dance of seduction heats up, trouble brews. Someone is poisoning Jamie's cattle, setting fires on her ranch. Someone is hell-bent on making sure Jamie and Seth never find happiness, someone who will stop at nothing—including murder. Explicit sex, spanking, seduction by a younger man, a little bit of bondage for fun, and a whole lot of teasing guaranteed to make ya hot under the collar and enough passion to give your spurs a twirl.

Melissa, Schroeder, leather, and, lace, western, erotic, romance


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