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The Stripper Diaries

this ain't the princess diaries....its the stripper diaries. funny sad shocking true. DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT ENDORSE BECOMING A STRIPPER not that it ever sounded glamorous to me....but movies/tv/lies whateverrrrr make it sound like its the best and easiest job ever....its NOT esp in today's strip clubs. trust me having said that, I did find humor in some of my entries. maybe its because I lived it and looking back on what I thought was the lowest point of my life, in the grand scheme of things, its really just a minor bump in my road. its just something I figured I'd share. don't really know where I was going with this but a lot of people do ask me about it. I'm pretty open. stripping is bad. I am forgiven. and I'm just lucky to have gotten out. it can suck you in. judgemental people leave! hahaha. jk. you won't. its youtube! ha xo

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