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Think for a Change (2): Where are the Gay Girls?

The media coverage of gay teen suicide in light of homophobic bullying failed to highlight the lives and experiences of queer girls and women. I asked, "Where are the gay girls?" There are queer girls, and unfortunately, some of them commit suicide. In fact, in October 2010, there were at least three young lesbians who committed suicide but whose deaths were hardly covered by the media. I bring up the work of Adrienne Rich and Lisa Diamond to help think through why there is such a drastic lack of attention given to queer girls and women. In a sense, I agree with Dan Savage that homophobia doesn't target boys and girls in the same ways, but that does not mean that queer girls do not struggle in light of homophobic attitudes. My suggestion is that part of how homophobia affects girls is precisely by the cultural mis-recognition of how girls could be and/or are gay. If homosexuality is associated with men, then of course it would be difficult to appreciate how something like homophobia could be targeted toward girls and women. This is an issue, then, that deserves more attention and not a mere dismissal.

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