Video - "Tokyo, We're On Our Way!" B-17: Re-Zoom 1

Videa Bondage - svazování "Tokyo, We're On Our Way!" B-17: Re-Zoom 1

"Tokyo, We're On Our Way!" B-17: Re-Zoom 1

B-17: Re-Zoom 1 A Fantastic High-Speed Space Cruise Before working on B-17: A Mini Epic", I was writing a script for a feature where I was using sexual themes (bondage, domination, subjugation, etc.) as metaphors for the types of relationships world powers exercised with different countries as well as their own populations. B-17 was a twelve minute one person performance piece Sarah Weis had created and performed a handful of times before I met her. When we first met, she did not have a video document of the performance so she performed it for me in her kitchen. I realized it would be a perfect vehicle for playing with those metaphors, as well as experimenting with the type of camerawork and the directorial and procedural approach that I was formulating as the basis for my "Hyper-Cinema" theories. Sarah had not thought of making it into a film as she had never made one before, and it was created to be a live stage performance. After all, how long can one live performer, in a set populated by nothing else but inanimate objects, maintain ones interest in a movie? However, she got totally excited when I offered the possibility and talked about using it to test my cinematic theories. She wanted use the opportunity to take "method" acting to its extremes. It was supposed to be a short two week exploratory project. I would then use what I would learn from this experiment on my own movie. We both ended up getting totally immersed in it for nine months. It became ...

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