Video - Top 5 - Brothels in games from 2012 (Mature only)

Videa BDSM Top 5 - Brothels in games from 2012 (Mature only)

Top 5 - Brothels in games from 2012 (Mature only)

Gaming is a great way to do all sorts of naughty things you would never do in real life. That's why game developers love to put brothels in their games. These are the five best virtual brothels in games from 2012. 5. Darkness II The brothel level in The Darkness 2 is one of the seediest virtual brothels you will ever visit. This brothel is full of pain and suffering which makes a wonderful place for the Darkness. 4. Max Payne 3 The brothel level in Max Payne 3 won't win any stars in online tourist reviews. But then again who would go to a brothel in the Brazilian Favellas? A guy who doesn't give a damn that's who. 3. Dishonored The stealth game Dishonored has a retro themed brothel. This is a great place for peeping Toms who like ladies in old fashioned underwear. Just avoid try to avoid being caught by one of the many guards in this stylish place. 2. Saint's Row 3 The brothel in Saint's Row 3 is technically a BDSM club but we're pretty sure you can pay to get laid here. The perverts who visit this place are into pain... And of course you end up fighting sex slaves on chariots... Isn't Saint's Row 3 just awesome? 1. The Witcher 2 The Witcher 2 features two fantasy themed medieval brothels filled with shouting men, booze and prostitutes. There is a ton of stuff to do inside ... but the absolute highlight is the hang over mission in the game. Just like the movie you wake up with hang over and try to figure out what happened the night before. Fans of virtual brothels will ...


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