Video - TORN-Short Film Lesbian Coming Out Story-feature DAMMED

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TORN-Short Film Lesbian Coming Out Story-feature DAMMED

IF YOU LIKE MY WORK PLEASE TAKE a few seconds and add it to your favourites or send it to a friend. I'm independent, REAL independent (not Hollywood 3 million dollar claim to be independent) my film was a max out credit card budget (Original Clerks Kevin Smith Style) and I can use all the help spreading the word about my film that I can get. There is a better more recent version of this film in my videos (called promotional trailer) "Torn"- (Lesbian Coming Out Story) is a self-contained short film edited for promotional purposes of the feature "Dammed". It uses the break-up scene from the movie as well as other clips from the film. The personal clip to follow the film was for the "On the Lot" film competition. "Dammed"-(Lesbian Coming Out Story) Jess meets Casey, a very openly gay woman and quickly the girls form a strong romantic bond which forces Jess to come to terms with her true sexuality; risking her family and hurting her best friend/husband. DAMMED is currently being edited. Will be out in Canadian and American film fests ASAP! Written, Shot, Directed and Edited by Heather Tobin. To Each HER Own FILMS (705) 715-3251

Lesbian, Gay, bi-sexual, sexuality, comingout, featurefilm, homophobia


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