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Under the Sea Fashion Gala - MISTY GREER Models

UNDER THE SEA Fetish Fashion Gala! ENTER A DIFFERENT WORLD, POPULATED BY MISCHIEVOUS MERMAIDS, PERVY PIRATES, SULTRY SAILORS, DEEP SEA MONSTERS, 50's POODLE SKIRTS, A KALEIDOSCOPE OF ALL SORTS OF FASHIONABLE, FETISH FISHIES & SEA CRITTERS .... AT THE NEXT RESTRICTED ENTERTAINMENT FASHION SHOW & LONG WEEKEND PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA! LONG WEEKEND PARTY + FASHION SHOW + ART DANCING + COSTUMES + PHOTOGRAPHY WITH A FUN, SEXY TWIST ... Restricted Entertainment presents its third over-the-top fashion show gala and party extraordinaire, this time featuring runway fetish & fashions, art & photography, glamour photo booth and stage performances .... all inspired by the myriad wonders of marine myth and life, and the kaleidoscope of the sea denizens under the waves, crossed with fun & sexy themes and imagery! EXCLUSIVE RUNWAY FASHION PERFORMANCES BY VANCOUVER'S MOST TWISTED & TANTALIZING DESIGNERS : - Trunk Show by Misty Greer - Suze666 - Deadly Couture - NRL Designs - Priape WET & WICKED DEEP SEA STAGE BURLESQUE SHOWS BY : - Little Miss Risk - Voracious V ELECTRO / 80's / ALTERNATIVE DANCEFLOOR MANIA WITH : - DJ Pandemonium (Sin City / Sanctuary / Glamour Trash) - DJ R-Lex (Sin City / Sanctuary / Glamour Trash)

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