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V Fashion Show: Apatico

Fashion designer Apatico showcases some of her work at the 2008 "V" vampire fashion show in Minneapolis, MN. "V:Fashion You Can Sink Your Teeth Into" Produced by Michele Lee & FauxFace Hosted by Ground Zero Apatico Thanks: Jessica (my leading lady!) Deba (off-white silk and lace lingerie) Emily (black jacket, black velvet shorts) Shannon (red corset, metal cage skirt) Renate (cropped black jacket, long black layered skirt) Casey (red fur collar, b/w striped babydoll dress) Cat (lavender corset and long skirt) Alisa (black corset/dress w/ feather) Thomasina (black and gray girdle/lingerie outfit) Stephanie (black halter top and cropped pants) Sasha (black satin dress with red cage/open work top) Roma (metal corset, bolero jacket with feathers) Kenzie (red jumpsuit) Misty (red bustier and dress) Matt (vampire coat and mohawk) Calvin (tank top and pants with shredded details) Hair by Die Makeup by Barbara and Thomasina ---------------------------------------------- Videography: Todd Wardrope Dan Dockery Felix Strates Post-Production: TW Video Services For more information or to order a DVD Subject: "V" Copyright©2008 TWVS


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