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Varietease - Trailer

The UK DVD premiere of the Legendary Burlesque Classic! The legendary Queen of the Curve, Betty Page, America s greatest pinup model, stars in Varietease, a unique peek of the wonderful world of burlesque complete with singers, slickers and saucy strippers! Flashing her sexy smile and gyrating in a harem girl costume, Betty Page does her Dance of the Four Veils and easily steals the show. Another legend, the sophisticated and sparkling Lili St. Cyr, shows us just how elegant a striptease can be. Aiding and abetting are jokester Bobby Shields, bikini-clad Chris La Chris, Warblers Cass Franklin & Monica Lane, exuberant contortionist Twinnie Wallen, and fame female impersonator Vickie Lynn. Produced and directed by girly-pix impresario Irving Klaw (the man who photographed Bettie in bondage), he and Miss Page re-teamed the following year with Teaserama (1955).

Irving Klaw, Lili St. Cyr, Cass Franklin & Monica Lane, Bettie Page (Betty Page), Bobby Shields, Baro & Rogers, Christine Nelson, Shelley Leigh, Vickie Lynn.


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