Video - Vex Clothing Performance Halloween 2002

Videa Latex clothing - latexové oblečení Vex Clothing Performance Halloween 2002

Vex Clothing Performance Halloween 2002

The Chicago nightclub, Excalibur, hosted a performance event for Halloween 2002. Alexander modeled and danced wearing a latex outfit made by Vex Clothing. His dance partner and the rest of the cast (except the gentleman with the fire) were also wearing clothing by Vex. Alexander's head was airbrushed by Barsom Manashian. Vex founder Laura Petrielli offers a line of latex clothing designed to satisfy fashion conscious urbanites as well as hard-core latex pervs. Whether it's a sleek sheath dress straight out of forties noir, or preppy argyle print, Vex's rubber fashion transcends the label of fetish. For more on Vex Clothing visit

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