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Viernes Girl by Aurora Guerrero: WIM/HBO Film

Writer/Director: Aurora Guerrero Producer: Faith Radle Winner 2005 HBO short script competition. Acquired by HBO and aired on their network for two years. Chila is a young Salvadorean girl who enjoys school and music. Her older brother Hugo enjoys the ladies and has no regard for the fact that a thin bedroom wall separates his activities from his sister's. As the week progresses along with Hugo's romances, Chila gets creative with her ways of interfering. The battle between siblings takes a turn when Friday rolls around and Chila and Hugo discover that blood might be thicker than any wall. Be sure to also check out her upcoming project, Mosquita y Mari, at

Aurora, Guerrero, Latino, Latina, LGBT, spanish, lesbian, comedy, hbo, viernes, girl, filmmaking, women, twist, ending, funny, short, shorts, indie, independent, el, salvador, mosquita, mari, salvadorean


Délka: 7 minut : 9 sekund
Autor: mosquitaymari
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