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What She's Needed {Part 2}

Demi pulled away and slowly followed directions. She knew from experience not to look as Miley fumbled through one of her bags and pulled out what she needed. The cold metal clasped around Demi's right wrist, and she looked up at the furry pink hand cuffs that were now around her wrist and one of the head rails. Miley went around to the other side, and did the same to her left. She slid a pillow beneath Demi's waist and peeled her thong down her long, taunting legs. "Good girl," Miley said softly, grazing her fingernails up and down Demi's inner thigh. "I think a reminder of what I expect of you is in order," Miley said, picking up a black and pink leather strap. She trailed it up and down Demi's legs and across her bottom, letting her lover know exactly what was in store for her. She brought it down crisply, and a small welt rose across her cheeks. "You remember this, don't you baby?" "Y-Yes ma'am," Demi whispered as squeezed her eyes shut. "Ah, ah," Miley said, landing another, "what was that? That is not what you are to call me, is it?" Demi felt the chain of her dog tags around her neck burn imaginatively. "Yes Mistress," she said softly. It sounded like music to Miley's ears. She landed another burning stripe below the first two. It was slow and methodical, the punishment. Miley was thorough as she branded Demi's pearly white globes, preaching how beautiful the black haired girl was, and that it was time for her to realize it instead of putting herself down. When the ...

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