Video - Where The Wild Roses Grow by Maleficent

Videa Bondage - svazování Where The Wild Roses Grow by Maleficent

Where The Wild Roses Grow by Maleficent

Single from the newly released EP Demize Where The Wild Roses Grow (a cover version of the Nick Cave/Kylie Minogue song) Video Produced by Maleficent Martini Filmed, Edited & Directed by David Kenny This band has a really strong image and a great live show, which incorporates their music, ballet, bondage and performance. Check 'em out! Band Info Maleficent is a London based band formed in 2006 by Maleficent Martini singer, actress, dancer and performer, Dr Sickx composer and producer and poet Mortimer Cain, singer and performer. Maleficent plays electro rock alternative music, with metal and industrial influences. The band incorporates ballet and fetish performances into the shows, Miss Martini is a well known performer in the club scene, professionally trained at the Royal Ballet School in London she has created her own style, performing extensively for Torture Garden, Download Festival, Kerrang, Skin Two etc and always receiving great reviews.

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