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Who's Afraid? S2 EPI 22 P1!!!!

Jacobs POV I orbed us onto the compound. Edward checked around the corner for guards, and waved us over. Alice and Edward took the left and right hallways inside the house, I took the middle. I skulked around silently. Until I found a large door, gold framed and locked. "HELP!" I heard Zoey scream. "Help me, someone please!" she cried. I slammed on the door. "Zoey!" I yelled. I slammed on the door once more, breaking it open. Chris had her cuffed to a bed, and he was taking her pants off. "Jacob!" She screamed. Chris shot a fireball at me but I dodged it. "Get off her!" I lunged for his throat. He orbed across the room. "Dont move or she dies." He held up an energy ball. I froze in place, not wanting him to shoot. Edward and Alice came in and took a defensive position. "Step away from her, now!" He demanded. I took 2 steps back. "Jacob, I love you!" Zoey yelled. Chris became furious. "Youre not supposed to love him! Youre supposed to love me!" he shot the fireball at her. "NO!" I was too late. I ran to her limp body. "Wake up! Please!" I begged. Her chest had a huge gash in it and her skin was cold. "NO!" I orbed over to Chris and grabbed him by his throat. I squeezed hard. "You bastard!" "Its your own fault" Chris smirked and disappeared in a tornado of black orbs. I ran back to Zoey. "Come on! Breathe! Please!" I broke the handcuffs from the bedpost and took her bleeding body into my arms. "I need you to wake up." I pleaded. I laid her out on the bed and held my hands ...

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