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Why? by Bob Flanagan

From: Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist (1997) Dir. Kirby Dick Why? Because it feels good. Because it gives me an erection. Because it makes me come. Because I'm sick. Because there was so much sickness. Because I say FUCK THE SICKNESS. Because I like the attention. Because I was alone a lot. Because I was different. Because kids beat me up on the way to school. Because I was humiliated by nuns. Because of Christ and the Crucifixion. Because of Porky Pig in bondage, force-fed by some sinister creep in a black cape. Because of stories of children hung by their wrists, burned on the stove, scalded in tubs. Because of Mutiny on the Bounty. Because of cowboys and Indians. Because of Houdini. Because of my cousin Cliff. Because of the forts we built and the things we did inside them. Because of what's inside me. Because of my genes. Because of my parents. Because of doctors and nurses. Because they tied me to the crib so I wouldn't hurt myself. Because I had time to think. Because I had time to hold my penis. Because I had awful stomachaches and holding my penis made it feel better. Because I felt like I was going to die. Because it makes me feel invincible. Because it makes me feel triumphant. Because I'm a Catholic. Because I still love Lent, and I still love my penis, and in spite of it all I have no guilt; Because my parents said BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, and this is what I want to be; Because I'm nothing but a big baby and I want to stay that way, and ...

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