Video - WINTER Part 1 - directed by Valerio Ventura

Videa Bondage - svazování WINTER Part 1 - directed by Valerio Ventura

WINTER Part 1 - directed by Valerio Ventura

This short film was done with the initial intention to learn how to make a film that involved all the real challenges in making a studio film. I wrote with the intention to explore various aspects of storytelling, pre-production, production and post-production finalization. The film stayed in my closet for 8 years before I decided to finish it, (got really busy right after I shot it) anyhow, few years ago I realized I wanted to finish all my started projects and this was at the top of my list. It premiered at the Zero Film Festival in LA Dec 2008 and is been winning awards since, including a GOLD REMI at the 2009 WorldFest-Houston Intl Film Festival. I learned a lot making this film, I hope you enjoy it. cast LISA SIMMONS JEFF WOLFE JAMES GARRETT DAVID 'SHARK' FRALICK WILLIAM KIPP JAN BARTLETT original music by BRUNO VENTURA director of photography RUSSELL BLAIR associate producer ALEX AGOSTON produced by KAREN TATEVOSIAN LAURA MEIKLE VALERIO VENTURA executive producer GAY LAWRENCE written, edited and directed by VALERIO VENTURA

thriller, giallo, sociopath, call, girl, prostitute, assassin, hit, woman, gun, sex, violence, drugs, shooting, action, suspence, winter, worldfest, valerio, ventura, regista, italiano, prostituta, psicopatico, assassino, violenza, sadomasochismo, fetish,


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