Video - World is at my "Feet" (FOOT FETISH PERV)

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World is at my "Feet" (FOOT FETISH PERV)

What IS IT with men and the dang FOOT FETISH stuff? My friend seems mildly obsessed (well, NOT mildly) with my feet. These heels were killing me. Look how high they are, and it was so cold out my toes were practically frozen. We just got out of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert in Rochester NY. It was WAY awesome. The line in the parking ramp was backed up, so we talked for a bit in the car. The guy is a freakin perv. He manages to find an excuse to talk about my FEET any chance he gets. SO, I'll do more stupid foot videos. (LOL!) ;) xoxo...............Rose (Lots more vids coming, been busy this holiday season)

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